Jewellery Design Company

Jewellery Design Company or as it is known today JDC Jewellers was started in 1994. It started off as a small stand at the Bruma Fleamarket. The first store that opened was in Linksfield Shopping Centre and it was known as Emkay Jewellers. As the years progressed we acquired more stores and changed over to the name Jewellery Design Company. It was as Jewellery Design Company that we really started making a name for ourselves.

We had stores in Brooklyn Mall, Centurion Mall, The Glen Shopping Centre and Sandton City. By this time people were really liking our products. We wanted to offer our products in more locations. So we acquired stores in Canal Walk Shopping Centre to offer our products to people in the Cape Town area. We also acquired stores in Fourways Mall and Cresta Shopping Centre. Recently we opened a store in Clearwater Mall.

While we were acquiring these stores we noticed that people called it JDC, so we thought we would abbreviate the name, so it could become easier to remember. This involved changing the Logo firstly on the website. Then moving it across to our Sandton City store which was also given a new look. Next to follow was the store in Cresta that we acquired that was formerly known as Adara.

We continued changing the names. Currently there are only 2 stores that still have the Jewellery Design Company name on them. They are Brooklyn Mall and The Glen Shopping Centre.

We are still Emkay Jewellers or Jewellery Design Company, whichever of the names you were introduced to first. Still offering the same great products at unbeatable prices. We just have a modern look and an easier to remember name.