5 Reasons to Buy Her Jewellery

The business world can become a monster for many men, entrepreneurs and executives alike. Lots of people strive for the infamous and seemingly unattainable 4-hour work week, but they have trouble even staying within the “normal” 40 hours. Excessive work weeks can damage relationships. Most hardworking men have good intentions—they want to be there but can’t always manage it. So what material thing can your partner turn to for a smile while you’re away? There are more than a few reasons why you may want to consider giving your significant other something memorable – a symbol of your love. We all know that “things” and “stuff” can’t make up for lost time, but they can help bring some much-needed (and deserved!) joy. Small reminders that say “I love you, I miss you, or I am thinking of you” are so important for a strong, healthy relationship. From email love letters to surprise phone calls to grander gestures, there are plenty of ways to show you care no matter where you are. When it’s time to go the extra mile, remember these five reasons why a gorgeous, unique piece of jewellery may just be the next best thing to you.

1) It’s a conversation starter. And that conversation starts with you.

When your significant wears a stunning piece of jewellery, people are bound to comment on it. When she receives a compliment, her response is likely to be: “Oh, thank you! My boyfriend (my husband, my significant other, David) got that for me!” And then, three things happen—she thinks about you fondly, the person she’s talking to thinks of you fondly—and happiness spreads.

2) Love is an action verb.

You know this of course — love is more than a feeling, it is a verb, and an action verb at that. When you go searching for that perfect piece of jewellery, you remind her that you are a man of action, which in turn reminders her that she is loved. Actions speak louder than words. (And gold lasts longer than flowers!)

3) It will make her feel beautiful.

Perhaps, societal expectations are at play here. Although, we prefer to think women love a beautiful piece of jewellery because it is in itself, beautiful, and it becomes a reflection of her. And isn’t it fantastic to be able to help her feel her best?

4) She will know it is long lasting and valuable—-and that is the way you consider the relationship.

Money does not buy love, but the right jewels can say a lot. They require a bit of an investment, which mirrors the investment you put into your relationship on a daily basis. They’re also long-lasting and won’t wither or fade over time. They’re strong and everlasting. You may have to work long hours, but she can glance at her jewels to her remind her of you while you’re away. Give her a reason to think of you fondly, even when you’re not in the same room, town, state, or even country.

5) It will bring her joy.

A beautiful gift will automatically make her face light right up. It’s the combination of the beauty of the jewellery and the statement that you place a high value on your relationship. Knowing that you took the time to seek out a piece that fits her to a “T” will remind her that you’re thinking of her, and that your love is with her even when you can’t be there.

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